About us

Our founders began their careers as entrepreneurs working behind the scenes with retailers. They noticed customers paid a lot more than they should for products they use and wear everyday. They decided to use their experience in the industry to create their own company selling women’s fashion shoes at a sensible price, emphasizing the idea that women should not feel guilty about doing one of their favorite things — buying shoes!

After forming GuiltySoles, our founders joined forces with a design team of strong girls who take a personal, passionate approach to fashion. We’re obsessed with making product with you in mind. We connect with you, and we design for you. We’re definitely influenced by the runway, but we like to do it our way. In our shoes, you’ll be the center of attention. And while you’re turning heads, no one will ever know how little you had to pay to look so good.

So enough about us. Let’s hear from you ...

  • Their customer service was the bomb ... so nice, so helpful. The quality shocked the sh*t out of me, everything about them has been top notch!
  • The shoes came quickly when I placed my order, and they have my shoe size which is near impossible to find. The shoes are super cute and super sassy.
  • These shoes are super nice ... really, really good quality and looks good with a lot of outfits.
  • I was so excited when I got this box in the mail, the shoes are so pretty and very comfortable.